UNATCOM Overview

The UNATCOM is the bridge, linking United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) with Uganda. It is a meeting place for national authorities and a broad range of national experts in UNESCO's fields of competence. The core functions of UNATCOM are:

  • Consultation: Advise governmental and national authorities on UNESCO programmes and working with a world wide network of NATCOM's.
  • Liason: Between partners at national, institutional, local or international level, UNESCO's secretariat and field offices.
  • Information: Collect, Process and Disseminate information on UNESCO's activities and programmes to the general public.
  • Programme formulation, implementation and evaluation: Ensure the promotion and implementation of UNESCO's activities and programmes in Uganda, identify priorities and involve intellectual/scientific comunity in programmes.

Office Location

2nd Floor

Embassy House

King George VI Way

Kampala, Uganda


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