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Kick-off meeting for the 3rd phase of GCED

Wednesday, 14th February 2018

The forum to Kick-start the 3rd phase of the Global Citizenship Education Curriculum Development and Integration is currently underway at the APCEIU headquarters, Seoul, Republic of Korea. 

The two-day forum that commenced on the 12th February, 2017 is expected to close on Wednesday, February 13, 2018 and Uganda is represented by UNATCOM Secretary General Ms. Rosie Agoi, NCDC's Ssembirige Patrick and Education Standards' Florence Atima.

The objectives of the forum are to share the outcomes achieved during the second phase of the project, to discuss the objectives and plans for the final phase of the project and developing a specific action plan for the final phase of the project in each country.

Based on the commitment of Cambodia,Columbia, Mongolia, and Uganda, to mainstream the Global Citizenship Education(GCED) in their countries in line with the international mandate to achieve SDG 4.7 and education 2030 Agenda, this three year project started in 2016 to develop GCED curriculum in cooperated with each country's own education context.

For the last two years, each country and the Asia-pacific center of education for international understanding (APCEIU) have successfully established a mechanism and support systems for developing localized (GCED) curriculum and for teaching and learning materials in collaboration with the international bureau of education (IBE). The key outcomes of the first and second phase of the project are as follows.

The first phase of 2016 involved,conducting in-depth situational analysis on educational systems and setting, socio-cultural milieumum, establishing the local GCED Curriculum development committees and organizing workshops for capacity building on GCED.

The second phase conducted in 2017, involved drafting of GCED curricula guidelines, pedagogical guides for teachers, or teaching-learning resources and pilot-tested the draft outcomes and monitored the process for revision and improvement.

The third and the final phase of the project will aim to revive and finalize the draft curricular based on the results from the pilot-tests and monitoring last year and disseminate the final outcomes nationwide. 



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