Communication & Information


¡®To promote, develop, foster freedom of expression, access to information and strategic communication for learning, governance and sustainable Development¡¯
¡®To strengthen national capacity to protect and promote HRTS and to manage social transformation, peace ethics, philosophy and ethics of science and technology¡¯


Capacity building for media personnel promoted

UNATCOM conducted Two (2) regional training workshops for 70 journalists on the theme ¡®Equipping local media with knowledge and skills in peace and conflict reporting¡¯ whose report was published and disseminated. A Concept Note for training government institutions on digital migration was also developed.

Documentary heritage preservation promoted

One (1) regional awareness workshops on promoting documentary, cultural and natural heritage conservation for schools, biosphere reserves and cultural institutions was conducted for 50 participants.

Freedom of expression promoted

In an effort to promote freedom of expression, UNATCOM held a press dialogue for journalists.

Ongoing Activity:

Freedom of expression and safety of journalists promoted

Under this output, UNATCOM plans to Train ICT Technical Institutions, Government Communication and Information Officers on FOSS and digital migration. It has also planned to celebrate World Press Freedom by engaging journalists in a press dialogue, hold a public lecture on the World Radio Day; and Train journalists on using UNESCO Freedom of Expression Toolkit in the Social Media.

Universal access and preservation of information and knowledge promoted

UNATCON intends to Digitizing Uganda's documentary heritage through holding regional stakeholders consultative meetings and trainings, purchase the documentation equipment and design and launch a digital library.


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