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¡®To increase UNATCOM¡¯s ability to deliver quality services¡¯


UNATCOM¡¯s resource base and financial management system expanded

UNATCOMs¡¯ visibility and ability to deliver quality services enhanced

Meetings � UNATCOM attended 2 sessions of the Executive Board meetings, a delegation of 28 attended the 37th session of the General Conference and 2 sessions of the Governing Council meetings were held.

Equipment - all office equipments was kept running and office supplies in place for quality service delivery.

Missions - UNATCOM coordinated and participated in the several missions namely: UNESCO/IIEP Mission on Partnering in Financial Accounts for Education(18-29/11/13), CFIT mission on Needs Assessment Report and assessment of ICT infrastructure and pedagogical support to 3 training institutions; and the German National Commission for UNESCO mission on Students Training Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP) programme in Uganda 21-23/5/14.

Fellowships - fellowships applications were submitted for consideration and one so far awarded.

Participation programme - Under the participation programme, project proposals were submitted to UNESCO for possible funding.

Cross-cutting activities - Training workshops wares held in Muni, Gulu and Uganda Martyrs University on strengthen Regional Centers for Expertise (RCE), Training and advocacy done for teachers on ESD in the Albertine Region. UNATCOM also carried out an end of Decade Assessment and circulated an Evaluation Tool for ESD to stakeholders. Documentation of ESD activities is still on-going.

Strengthen youth activities - UNATCOM held an Awareness meeting, developed the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the youth, sought for nominations and appointed representative for the committee.

Still under the same output, projects were coordinated and implemented in agreed time frame that included the: STEP at Uganda Martyrs University (UMU), the development of the training manual for EAC NATCOMs; and the piloting of the EAC NatComs Manual.

UNATCOM Act 2014 � the Act was assented and regularization process is ongoing with the First Parliamentary Counsel. UNATCOM also celebrated its Golden Jubilee with a series of activities including the printing of Calendars, holding a dialogue for young people and children on the theme ¡®realizing young people¡¯s dreams on UNESCO and Uganda in the next 50 years, Trees planted at ASPnet schools and other places like the National Parliament, National Theatre and Kaliro NTC.

The climax of this event was Golden Jubilee Lecture delivered on the theme ¡®50 Years of UNESCO behind us and 50 Years Ahead¡¯ that was attended by a cross-section of stakeholders and several personalities awarded for their contribution. The event was crowned with a cocktail at Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala.

Ongoing Activity:

UNATCOM's resource base and financial management system expanded

UNATCOM has planned to reach out prospective partners for purpose of expanding the resource base and collaboration, Monitor and evaluate usage of funds on a monthly/quarterly basis as financial management measure and hold quarterly Finance and Governing Council Committee meetings. Develop and coordinate the development of bankable projects for submission to donors

UNATCOM's visibility and her ability to deliver quality services enhanced

Under this output, UNATCOM has planned to:

  • prepare regulations to operationalize UNATCOM Act 2014 and launch it,
  • conduct staff training workshops in computer applications, manage staff welfare, wages telephone maintain equipment, motor vehicle maintenance etc for quality service delivery,
  • Host both national and international interns,
  • Attend UNESCO Executive Board meetings and other conferences,
  • Coordinate STEP activities in UMU, Youth & Gender and ESD activities,
  • Coordinate Uganda¡¯s participation in UNESCO fellowships programmes.
  • The capacity of UNATCOM to gather, document and disseminate information in UNESCO fields of competence strengthened

As a clearing house, UNATCOM plans to have the Information processed, Website up and running, produce calendars and other publicity materials and disseminate them for visibility purpose and to conduct staff annual appraisals


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