IIEP-UNESCO Summer School


UNESCO's specialized summer school dubbed 'IIEP-UNESCO' for female professional planners has come to an end. The program that brought together thirty-two women from 23 countries world-wide was held Rue Eugene Delacroix, Paris, France.

The overall objectives of this summer school is to strengthen the planning capacities of future female leaders, enabling them to better identify information needs and make policy suggestions in view of monitoring progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Participants in this year's course are specifically female planners and managers from ministries of education who are involved in the formulation of policies, plans, programmes, and projects.

Women's participation in the formulation of policies, plans, programmes, and projects related to SDG 4 is a top priority for both IIEP and UNESCO. Nevertheless, evidence shows that even though the teaching profession is highly feminized, the highest-ranking positions in educational leadership and management continue to be held by men.
IIEP is committed to gender equality in educational decision-making, planning,and management. To make this possible, women must be given greater opportunities to acquire leadership skills and technical knowledge. This is the goal of this year’s Summer School, with a programme tailored to help participants to understand, obtain, and practice management skills, and thus to realize their full potential as leaders. It offers a blended course on educational planning,combining an online phase and a residential phase.

The expectation is that this Summer School will capacitate all participants, helping them to become change agents and leaders in their professional environments.

Uganda's representative to this year's summer school is Mrs. Dorothy Nganda Ssekimpi, a Senior Economist-Projects, at the Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda.

Dorothy was equipped with knowledge of identifying information needs based on the various targets and indicators of Sustainable Development Goals 4 (SDG4), analyzing and using information to make policy suggestions and plan strategies to achieve SDG4 and self-evaluation and developing leadership skills and knowledge to contribute directly to target 5.5 of SDG 5.







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