Global Citizenship Concepts in the Curricula of Four Countries


Global Citizenship Education (GECD) is a concept that lies at the heart of UNESCO's vision of education for the 21st century.  The authentic vision of GCED is to foster the knowledge, values, skills and behaviors of learners in a well-balanced manner, so that they are able to use these attributes to become responsible citizens of their community, their country and the world. Through a holistic,transformative approach in understanding global and local phenomena, learners should be encouraged to reflect on the values of GCED and act upon them towards a more inclusive, fair and sustainable society.

The sixteenth issue of the IBE In-Progress Reflections series on  current and critical issues in Curriculum,Learning and Assessment entitled 'Global Citizenship Concepts in the Curricula of Four  current and critical issues in Curriculum, Learning and Assessment entitled ‘Global Citizenship Concepts in the Curricula of Four the curricula of four countries: Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia and Uganda. It highlights the main findings of the eights reports; four expert reports, which predominately analyse curriculum content, and four situational analysis reports, which take a broader view and detail some of the country-specific challenges and opportunities with regard to GCED.

The sixteenth issue is currently available in English and will soon be available in Spanish.

Along with the IBE In-Progress Reflections series, we are launching two new research articles written by the participants of the Postgraduate Diploma in 
new research articles written by the participants of the  in Curriculum Design and Development. This month, we invite you to discover the research of two of our alumni from Haiti and Gambia. The research articles, written by Merona Laguerre and Muntu Mboob discuss the piloting of anew curriculum for early childhood education in Haiti and the status and impact of rotational teaching on students' learning achievements in Gambia.

We invite you to discover this sixteenth publication as well as the two research articles of our alumni, and participate in the discussion forum to share your expertise and your experiences on the presence of GCED in your countries' curricula.


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