Art Camp Andorra 2018

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition of the 2012 Edition of Art Camp Andorra at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on June 3rd, 2013, Ms. Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO at that time, stated that "creativity as it is presented by Art Camp is very important as it helps us to think differently and gives us a fresh perspective on how the world works. This is why we seek to place creativity at the heart of more sustainable approaches to development."  

One of UNESCO's greatest challenges is to strengthen the role of culture as a vehicle and essential element of sustainable development in achieving the United Nations goals for 2030. UNESCO is committed to mobilizing a wide range of efforts and actions in all regions of the world to promote dialogue and understanding amongst all peoples and cultural groups, including artists. 

The Principality of Andorra is a peaceful state of small geographical size at the crossroads between several cultures. It aims to support the promotion of dialogue for peace between artists through the Andorra Art Camp project.


National Commission for UNESCO in Andorra (CNAU)


* The 2018 edition of Art Camp Andorra will take place within the framework of the International Decade of the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022) declared by UNESCO.

* Artists will also be able to join the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) promoted by the United Nations for the 2015-2030 period.

* This edition will focus on UNESCO's strategic themes such as the promotion of a culture of peace and intercultural dialogue. These themes can be approached in diverse and individual ways by each artist.

Selection of participating artists:

* The National Commissions and Permanent Delegations are responsible for selecting a painter-artist to represent their country.

* The jury of Art Camp will select the candidates for the project and is comprised of a member of the Andorran National Commission for UNESCO; the Secretary General of the Andorran National Commission for UNESCO; the Commissioner of Art Camp; a member of the Ministry of the Culture, an art critic, an Andorran artist and Ms. Hedva Ser, Godmother of the project.  


The 6th edition of Art Camp Andorra - Colours of the Planet - will be held from the 9th to the 21st of July 2018 in the town of Ordino, in the Principality of Andorra.


* Participating artists will be asked to create three works, one for each of the principal sponsors of the project (i.e. The National Commission for UNESCO in Andorra; FEDA the National Electricity Provider; and the Local Council of Ordino).  

* The organizers will provide materials including paints, canvases, brushes, etc. (see registration form)

* Artists are encouraged to promote exchanges during this gathering and enhance dialogue. With this goal in mind, regional presentation sessions will allow artists to provide a better insight and understanding of their cultures. Each artist will have 15 minutes to present elements of their culture, country of origin, and most importantly, their commitment to peace and sustainable development.

* Parallel events will also be organized including the exhibition of works from Art Camp Andorra 2016, as well as sightseeing tours to discover the main attractions of the Principality of Andorra.

*Artworks created during the Art Camp project in Andorra 2018 will form a part of a collective pool of works that will be presented in the future as part of travelling exhibitions in the coming years. 

*As a novelty, a workshop on mediation will take place during this event

Media, Online Tools, Visibility:

The National Commission for UNESCO in Andorra will mobilize social networks and various media sector partners to increase the visibility and the dissemination of the activities of Art Camp Andorra. Videos, press releases, photos and interviews, will be the main elements of the communication strategy of Art Camp Andorra 2018 (see blog:

Travel and Accommodation Expenses and Mobilization of Voluntary Funding:

*Funding of travel and accommodation

Participating artists must provide their own transport costs to Andorra. 

*The National Commission for UNESCO in Andorra will be responsible for the arrangements for accommodation and full board of all artists from July 9th to 21st  2018.

* Extra-budgetary Funding

The National Commission for UNESCO in Andorra has decided to create an extra-budgetary fund which will contribute to the financing of this project. This fund is open to voluntary contributions from the private and public sectors.

UNESCO Member States are encouraged to sponsor the participation of one or more artists from one or more developing countries in addition to their own selected national artist. This is aimed to assist the Least Developed Countries (PMA), and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in particular, and to ensure the plurality and universal character of the Art Camp project.

The United Nations list of these two categories of countries is attached. Contributions will be gratefully received and acknowledged and can be made by assuming the travel expenses (i.e. main transport/plane ticket) or accommodation costs of one or more artist(s).

* Flights to Barcelona (Spain) or Toulouse (France)

* Accommodation, 350 for 10 days

Documents to attach for registration:

*   Curriculum Vitae

*   Artist Portfolio

*   Duly completed registration form 

All applications must be received by the Andorran National Commission for UNESCO NO LATER THAN MARCH 31st, 2018.

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